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Raynor Massage is not registered massage therapy and none of our Raynor Massage Specialists are RMT’s. We believe (as well as thousands of our clients do) that Raynor Massage is as or more effective than traditional massage therapy. We can help you in ways not previously thought possible by nearly eliminating all pain from chronic injuries, increasing your mobility and helping you overcome tension and stress from emotions and trauma. That is our guarantee and we stake our reputation on that! – Terry Masson, Director & Instructor

Canadian Massage School


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We couldn’t be more excited to help you learn more about Raynor Massage. Our courses are the by-product of Naturopath Brandon Raynor’s design of muscle and skeletal system bodywork and are taught throughout Canada and the US. At Raynor we believe in a literal hands-on approach and feel that our specialized training makes it even more effective than the standard registered massage therapy approach. Our classes will enable you to develop and hone your sense of touch and intuitive ability to pinpoint the needs of each individual client. As well as training those interested in learning massage for the first time, we have also trained Registered Massage Therapists (RMT’s) in the Raynor style of massage and this has helped them deepen their understanding of holistic massage and emotional release.

You will learn how to release physical and emotional energy blockages and identify the source of problems rather than simply treating them, and much more. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional, we have a variety of course options to fit your schedule and learning goals. Learn More

Deep Tissue Massage


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You’ve come to the right place! At Raynor we are dedicated to eradicating every level of tension that prevents you from complete relaxation. How? Australian Naturopath Brandon Raynor developed a system of bodywork that focuses on both the muscle and skeletal systems of the body through deep tissue massage.

Our trained Raynor Therapists assess the complexity of how physical and emotional tension manifest within each person and provide individualized treatment accordingly. The result: your body tension and stress is removed and we’ve obtained our ultimate goal. For a full list of massages and services in our Kelowna Massage Clinic click here.Learn More

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Raynor Massage is dedicated to helping the body relax from the inside out. Our total-body assessment and treatment surpasses surface-level issues to determine the root causes and conditions of tension.

Our professional Raynor Therapists are trained to isolate both physical and emotional blockages and remove them. By combining Eastern massage and medical theories alongside refined intuitive skills in locating and treating problem areas, Raynor is steadfastly becoming a leading healing practice and household name and a viable alternative to registered massage therapy.

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There are only two words to describe this deep tissue meridian massage: powerful and transformative, on more levels than just one. Every cell in my body was tingling for hours afterwards. My body felt light and energy began to flow again to areas that must have been blocked for years. >> read more
Jutta Miner, M.A., C.M.T. , South Burlington, VT
Working with Terry during my Raynor Massage dipolma course was a unique and uplifting experience! Having years of bodywork done, including years of Rolfing, I have never found any process so powerful , so intense, yet with such release of tension and deep rooted stress as the Raynor Massage Therapy technique as taught by Terry. It made a great impact in my life!  >> read more
Paul Morgan,
Learning the Brandon Raynor Technique has really changed my life. Before this course, I was too afraid to start up my own business. Although I have had intensive massage training and a kinesiology/physio background I kept giving myself excuses as to why I was not setting up my business. Terry really helped me gain my confidence and learn the technique.   >> read more
Grace Bisbikos,
I have just completed day 3 of the Diploma Course. Words cannot express this experience. Eight years ago I had a crushed L6, I am one of a few that have this, removed, as well as a stenosis and 2 ruptured discs fused. Since this procedure, I have protected this area. If a massage therapist applied any pressure to this area, there was immediate pain radiating to a headache.
These past 8 days, Terry Masson, the Instructor for this course has totally changed my thoughts on processing pain.   >> read more
Julia Dearhamer,
Thanks a lot for your great job of leading the Raynor Massage Course last week. I hope that everybody from our class would agree that you created very special environment which helped to understand concepts of subtle body energy / body tension / trapped energy and really feel Qi in our bodies.    >> read more
Albert Yushko,
I have had some amazing experiences, really intense ones at that, giving these massages. People are always commenting, that they’ve had massages, but never anything like this before. I gave 2 massages, yesterday and the day before, and both had emotional releases. Yesterday nights was REALLY intense. Her hands were tingling, her body sweating, leg cramps, twitches, and I actually had to stop for awhile, because it was too intense for her. She kept deep breathing, but all of it was making her feel like she wanted to vomit… she asked if I ever experienced this before, whether it was normal? And I certainly believe it is normal, if someone is really toxic, and obviously holding onto a lot. and she had a break down, and began to cry, sob, and she poured her heart to me.     >> read more
Shannon Glashan Niagara Falls, Canada Finished Raynor Massage Diploma Course in Toronto, Canada
First of all, I’d like to thank you for the wonderful course you created and the incredible technique you developed. I apologize for not giving you some feedback sooner.The two weeks of taking the course were two of the most life-changing weeks of my life. Terry was an excellent teacher and mentor. We were lucky, having a small class and getting more attention. I found that Terry was extremely patient and allowed me to come to my own realizations, while repeatedly hitting important points…    >> read more
Ian MacCauley,
I just had to write you and thank you. Thank you in the biggest way possible, that perhaps words cannot express in the manner that I wish. Thank you for developing a massage that embodies all practices and in such an intuitive method. I have just met a local angel who gives massages as trained by you (and Terry). To back up, I am a yoga instructor. I have been trained through the Yoga Association of Alberta, but moreover, trained by some amazing talented yogis who see yoga moving more into the emotional heart space of dissolving the tensions in the body through “breakthroughs”, and pushing past the barriers and releasing blockages (emotional, physical, psychological) through yoga…    >> read more
Happy New Year Terry, I hope all is well with you in your many travels. I am continuing to do massages here and there in between my current part time dental assistant job. I have to say that after experiencing my many RMT treatments I find Raynor Massage to be nearest to being complete over all. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this new found knowledge you’ve taught me and know that I will continue to use it for the rest of my life…    >> read more
Wanda Lou-Poy,
”Sharon, ”A

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