Colossal Benefits of Receiving a Sports Massage

A good massage at the start of the day or a relieving massage at the end of the day is often considered as an excellent stress reduction method. Sports massage is one of those stress busters. But apart from being a stress buster, it has numerous physiological and psychological benefits as well, which will be discussed in this article.

One of the most prominent benefits of sports massage is that it mitigates pain from certain sections of the body caused due to high physical activity. Initially, this type of massage was used by the Greeks for their athletes, but later became more popular among non-athletes as well, and due to rightful reasons. However, the term was coined by Jack Meagher, a very successful massage therapist, in 1950s. Sports massage can help reduce various types of injuries such as tendon injuries, ligament injuries, cartilage injuries as such along with busting stress and relieving the body.

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Sports massage, as mentioned earlier, was developed for athletes to help them in their preparation and in injury period. The technique involved offering this massage in four stages:

- As prevention: When there is no upcoming event, then a deep tissue sports massage is offered to remove any restrictions in the muscles and to free all the ligaments. This prevents the body from sustaining immediate injuries due to strain. Applying massage in the proper manner will help the athlete in performing better and receiving less injury at the time of tournament and training.


- At the time of preparation: Offering sports massage before the game event helps athletes to warm their muscles and reduces the chances of injury. However, it is never a substitute for a full warm up of the body. This is offered as a maintenance massage and help athletes maintain their form for longer duration without feeling fatigued.

- At the time of injury: If an athlete suffers an injury during a competition or while training, sports massage is offered in a very sophisticated manner limited to scar massage and detoxification. This improves healing of tissues and lymphatic glands in an accelerated manner.

- During recovery: Various studies have shown the benefits of sports massage to improve recovery and is done after the competition or rigorous training. This calms the nervous systems and improves blood flow to the muscles. Having a healthy recovery helps the athlete prepare better and especially beneficial if there are multiple events in succession.

Not only athletes can benefit from sports massage, but also the ones who have very active physical day can take the advantage of this salubrious technique. Especially the ones who undergo a mild to heavy workouts daily can benefit from sports massage. Also, the ones whose work involve heavy labor can benefit from this massage technique occasionally. In short, average people who play sports or perform physical activities in their day-to-day lives can avail benefits from sports massage as well.

Sports massage benefits in a wide variety of medical conditions such as recovery of skeletal muscles from strenuous exercise, physiological restoration, post-exercise soreness relief, tissue healing, etc. Sports massage has depicted measurable changes in the liquid flows through the muscles and have also proven to increase stride lengths. Several studies have shown that sports massage increases the muscle tendon to increase by an average of 15-20%. These studies have revealed significant positive physiological and anatomical changes in the body due to this massage. Other medical benefits include reduced muscle tension, dramatic effect on stiff recovery, myocardial release, and as mentioned earlier - prevent or improve sports injury.

This comprehensive list provides various benefits obtained from a sports massage:

- Warms up the muscles

- Increases blood flow to an area

- Alleviate pain

- Breaking down of scar tissues, thus helping recovery

- Improve scar mobility

- Release of muscle stiffness

- Increase necrophilia count and reduce post exercise soreness

- Recovery of skeletal muscle

- Reduce fatigue

- Improves recovery of injuries

- Calm down the nervous system and offers psychological tranquility

There are some important points to be remembered while taking a sports massage. Firstly, sports massage is suited for a wide variety of audiences but not for everyone. If one is not sure of whether he/she should take a sports massage or not, then it is highly recommended to consult a 'Sports Massage skilled therapist' or a physician.

Secondly, it is always recommended to take sports massage from a specialized therapist rather than a general massage therapist, especially for an injury, as this type of massage works with the soft tissues going as deep as close to the bones. Lastly, this type of massage is highly beneficial one and if you fall into a category of a person with mild to heavy physical activity, then you should consider sports massage and take advantage of this beneficial technique.