Deep Tissue Massage - Fit for sport and fit for life


It refers to the manipulation of a specific body part either manually or using an electronic massager which can be purchased following recommendation from an expert. When done manually one can use their hands to knead or rub the specific body part. A massage when properly done can ease tension and/or relieve pain in the affected body part. There are different types of massages that can be given to serve different purposes. The common massages that can be given are; Swedish massage, reflexology, sports massage, Shiatsu massage, Hot Stone massage, Thai massage etc . For the purposes of this article we shall focus on the deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage when given focuses on the deeper muscles of the affected body parts and can be recommended by a doctor as a treatment option alongside other medical options. In some cases deep tissue massage is the preferred treatment option other than the use of pain killers, since it’s more effective. One can get the deep tissue massage to help them maintain their flexibility and prevent injuries in sports. The deep tissue massage can be given before, during, or after the sport/activity one is taking part in. The deep tissue massage is not only meant for professional athletes, it can also be given to people who don’t play sports competitively, are just working out or whose jobs are physical in nature.

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Medical conditions that can be helped by a sports massage

Massages have been used all over the world for thousands of years to prevent, cure or manage various types of medical conditions. Deep tissue massage has been proven to be very beneficial to the following medical conditions:

Chronic back pain: The deep tissue massage aids in increasing blood flow throughout the body which in turn reduces inflammation that causes pain.

Blood pressure: The deep tissue massage helps to ease tension & stress which in turn lowers the blood pressure. It also aids in the releasing of the happiness hormone.

Breaking scar tissue: Over time, scar tissue leads to constant pain and stiffness. The deep tissue massage helps to break it up and makes it heal faster by improving the symptoms.

Labor pain & delivery: A woman in labor can be given the deep tissue massage to ease pain during labor and lowers their anxiety levels thereby making the birth process much easier.


Arthritis: The deep tissue massage can help in reducing the pain and stiffness experienced by a patient which in turn will make him/her be able to function normally.

Cancer: The deep tissue massage can be used to complement other forms of cancer treatment by helping the cancer patient to feel more relaxed , reduce the pain and swelling or be able to cope better with the side effects of treatment.

Depression & anxiety: The deep tissue massage aids in the lowering of the levels of cortisone in the body which in turn leads to reduced levels of depression & anxiety.

Injured muscles: the deep tissue massage aids in the movement of toxins away from the injured muscles which promotes the healing process and relaxing the muscles.

Ten amazing benefits of a sports massage

1. Increased flexibility

2. Improved focus and performance

3. Reduced muscle injuries

4. Reduced labor and birth time

5. Improved posture due to reduced back pain

6. Improved blood flow to the body.

7. Improved immune system

8. Improved relationships due to reduced stress

9. Reduced cardiovascular problems and diseases due to improved blood pressure.

10. Reduced recovery time from injuries.

11. Reduced muscle soreness.

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For a person who engages in physical exercise or is a professional athlete deep tissue massage is recommended since he/she will benefit from it more than the other forms of massage. Deep tissue massage is recommended by therapists since it focuses on the major muscles e,g the lower back or neck and other joints that are susceptible to injury or straining during sports or exercise.

Other body parts that tense up when one is stressed such as the shoulders can also be massaged to relive the stress. Deep tissue massage is not a comfortable type of massage, since it focuses on the knots and tensions the muscles may be having. This may leave one feeling sore but the benefits outweigh this limitation.