Registered Massage Therapist
How do I enroll?
Please call us at our Canadian Head Office at 250-681-8834 or through our contact page or via email to: [email protected]

What are the requirements or past education necessary to take your courses?
There are no specific academic requirements for you to be able to join one of our courses. We have students ranging in age as young as 16 and as old as 84. What we do ask is that you are open to learning new things and taking instruction, have a caring nature and a willingness to help people. A good sense of touch is useful but we will help you to develop this if you don’t already have it or are unsure. Please come with a positive attitude, be of good nature and leave the rest to us!

Is there work available for Raynor Massage graduates?
Although we are not a career college and do not guarantee employment; many of our graduates have found their calling with Raynor Massage and have gone on to work in spas, wellness centers, resorts, lodges, gyms, and even on luxury cruise ships. Others have started their own massage business working for themselves. The type of massage we teach sets you far apart from most other massage therapists. Raynor Massage is very effective at helping people overcome chronic problems and injuries from their source that after graduating you might feel capable and confident enough to make this your livelihood.

What happens if I fail the practical assessment?
If you do not meet the standards required to be a Raynor Massage Specialist then you will be invited to re-attend the course at a later date. The exception to this is if you are asked to leave the course due to a breach of our professional code of conduct then you will be deemed to have withdrawn from the course.

Are there any written exams to be completed? Does it matter if English is not my first language?
All course assessments are practically oriented with no written exams or assignments. Assessment is continuous by your teacher who will give you ongoing feedback and guidance throughout the course. Provided you can understand basic English we can work with you if English is not your first language.

If I am not a quick learner will I be able to retain all the information presented?
We provide comprehensive course notes and approximately 20 hours of instructional videos to refresh your knowledge and the course provides ample time for revision and lots of practice. We also have an active Facebook group where practitioners can post questions for discussion and we are also contactable by email if you get stuck after completing your course.

What are the extra costs associated with your courses?
There are no other costs associated with the course as all course notes are included in the cost of the course. Occasionally we have massage related accessories and tools such as wall charts, base massage oil and essential oils etc. for sale at the course which are purely optional extras for students to purchase if they wish. We will provide a 32 GB USB drive pre-loaded with the course notes and instructional videos on as we have completely moved to a digital format for all course materials.

Can I legally work as a Massage Therapist after completing this course?
Massage laws vary enormously around the world and are in a constant state of change. Our massage courses do qualify you to perform massages legally and to get professional insurance in all of the countries that we teach in. There are restrictions on what you can call yourself in parts of Canada but you can still legally massage the public and get insured. As we are not a Career College we do not offer a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) course. We also can not guarantee employment although it is true that many massage business owners who know of Raynor Massage seek out our graduates.

How can I be qualified to work professionally in massage in 5 or 10 days when most other schools take at least 6 months or even 3 years?
Our courses focus on the essence of what it takes to be an excellent massage professional, teaching you everything you need to give a thorough, safe and effective treatment. Many of the massage colleges have a heavy emphasis on rote learning Latin and Greek anatomical terms, whereas we believe that practitioners should speak to clients in a way that the client understands. By focusing on the core of massage essentials we are able to save our students’ time and money. From day one of the course you will be massaging and practicing the full techniques of Raynor Massage.

What is the difference between the Certificate and Diploma programs?
The 5-Day Certificate course is for personal interest and the enjoyment of massaging your Friends and Family. The 5-Day Diploma course is for updating your existing skills. The Diploma course is necessary if you will be massaging the general public and need full insurance protection.

Can I get insured from this course?
We work with a number of insurance companies, in all the countries we train in, who offer insurance for our graduates.

What is your refund policy if I can no longer attend the course I registered for?
Deposits and tuition costs are non-refundable once paid so please make sure you are positive about your decision and have made all the necessary arrangements to attend before committing yourself financially. If however you can't make the initial course you enrolled in we can always switch over your registration to another course in the future with no penalty.

Do I have to do lots of reading and academic study?
No. We will provide a full course handbook and training videos and give you suggestions for further reading should you wish to add to the knowledge gained on the course. You do not need to learn the Latin or Greek names of muscles and body parts as we believe it is more important to find and eliminate tension in the body than be able to know their scientific names. Some of our students go on to read and study further after the course as part of their ongoing professional development and we will give guidance for this if wanted but it is not essential to you becoming a good Raynor Massage Specialist.

I don’t really believe in Chi and people’s energy. Can I still do this course?
Yes, you don’t necessarily need to agree with a particular philosophical point of view to be able to learn Raynor Massage and give an incredibly effective massage. However, do try to come to the course with an open mind as many people do go home with a different understanding of the human body and the body-mind interaction and recognize that there is much to learn from these ancient traditions even if their personal belief system does not integrate it.

I have never heard of Chi or Meridians. Does that matter?
No. The course does not assume any prior understanding or knowledge.

What do I need to bring on a course?
You will need to wear comfortable clothing, flat shoes and two single sized sheets, two large bath or beach towels and two smaller hand towels. We provide the massage tables for use during the course and all massage oils.

Is the course residential?
Not usually. You will be responsible for your own accommodations, food and travel, although we can offer suggestions for accommodations near to our massage schools.

I am not 20 and not skinny won’t I feel too embarrassed being undressed for massage?
First of all we place great emphasis on professional draping. You will be covered by sheets and towels at all times while being massaged with only the part of your body being massaged that is uncovered. Belly massage is done through the sheets and towels for privacy. While we have trained people from ages 16-84, the majority of people on our courses have already had some experience of life so you won’t feel out of place. If you are particularly body conscious or for religious / cultural reasons you cannot undress to underwear for massage, then you can be massaged through loose clothing. Remember you will be professionally draped in sheets and towels at all times!

I have been working in the massage industry for years, will I find the Certificate too easy and should I start straight on the Diploma course?
Raynor Massage might be vastly different from any previous massage you will have done in the past. You will definitely be learning a lot of new things from day one on our Certificate course. Although we do allow students to start directly at the Diploma level after successful assessment of their prior massage experience. This takes a full week to properly assess and there is an assessment fee of $1,995 GST. Coincidentally this is also the same length and cost of our Certificate course so you can decide on the best option for you.

I have never massaged anyone before. Will I really be able to do this after just one or two weeks?
Yes! We have trained thousands of people with no massage experience who have left the course to become successful and highly effective Raynor Massage Specialists.