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Our training courses are Internationally recognized by the International Natural Therapists Association, the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and the World Massage Federation. Upon successful completion of the course you would be eligible to get professional indemnity Insurance to protect yourself.
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We have posted our 2019 course schedule and there are many courses offered in the following cities:
Victoria BC, Nanaimo BC, Vancouver BC, Kelowna BC, Kamloops BC, Prince Rupert BC, Prince George BC, Edmonton AB, Calgary AB, Saskatoon SK, Regina SK, Halifax NS, Moncton NB, Fredericton NB and St. John's NL.
Raynor Massage or RMT?
Why spend thousands of dollars and give up 2 years of your life to train as an RMT when we can provide everything you need to give a safe, effective massage treatment in a fraction of the time and cost.
Frequently Asked Questions
We understand that you will have lots of questions about our massage school. So we have taken some time to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions which you can read here.
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Different Courses To Suit Your Time & Budget
Raynor Massage Certificate Course (5 Days)
You will quickly begin to learn and practice Raynor Massage, always keeping in mind the overall goal of the total release of residual tension in the muscles of the body. Raynor Massage draws on holistic understandings of the interconnectedness of body, mind and soul and as well as working on muscular tension. Raynor Massage also opens up the channels or meridians through which the Chi or Prana (life force) flows. People leave this massage with a relaxed body and mind, feeling re-balanced. On our short and intensive training course, you will learn how to massage using this holistic and very powerful technique. Suitable course length for learning Raynor Massage for personal interest and enjoyment of safely and effectively massaging Friends and Family.

Being taught in a group of no more than 16 students to one teacher, this five day intensive massage course is an excellent way to get started with Raynor Massage. This unconventional form of massage is taught in a unique way, along with the expert tutor input and observing your teacher at work, you will be massaged and be massaging from day one of the course. You will work with partners of different body types and presented with different ‘problem areas, so that you are equipped to deal with a range of situations on completion of your course. We do not teach by asking you to rote learn charts and diagrams, rather we teach you to feel tension, to track where it is held in the body and then how to clear it.

This is the way massage has been taught for centuries before it was ‘medicalised’ by those who do not believe in the power of healing touch and intuition. Your teacher will be on hand to offer advice and guidance, to demonstrate, correct and empower you to be able to develop your own massage skills.

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Raynor Massage Diploma Course (5 Days)
Our Raynor Massage Diploma Course (35 Hours) can combine with our 5 Day Raynor Massage Certificate Course but it is not a pre-requisite. Your prior massage experience will be evaluated and considered so that you can take the Diploma week only as a stand alone course.

This program is designed for those wanting to develop and update their existing skills even further and excel in the massage arena. We also learn about Reflexology, Aromatherapy, strategies and techniques to allow deeper release of emotions and trauma, as well as learning methods to become much more efficient with our time management and aspects of employment and/or starting your own business. You can study it in combination with the Friends and Family Certificate course as detailed here and it is also possible to study the Diploma week at a different time or in a different location from your Certificate. This may be across different Provinces in Canada or even in different countries. Many of our students do the two courses together as a 10 day combined Certificate and Diploma course, but it is designed to be flexible to fit around your existing commitments and budget. On completion of the Diploma course, and ideally having gained experience with using this massage professionally, students are then eligible to join our highest level course, the Advanced Practitioner's Course.

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Raynor Massage Advanced Practitioner's Course (5 Days)
The Raynor Massage Advanced Practitioner’s Course is a private course that only becomes available for graduates of our Diploma course. NOTE: This course is also only available to members of our Professional Association; the International Natural Therapists Association and is not available to the general public. It's purpose is for growing the community of upper echelon Raynor Massage Professionals and is the first step in following the path of becoming a Raynor Massage Instructor of which we only hire internally from.

The main focus of this course is to find the smaller bands of tension within the body which hold tension and restrict the flow of chi so that chi flow is stimulated in the body which allows for the release of pent up emotions. You will also learn how to be more effective in assessing where the most predominate problem areas are located so you can be more efficient and have better flow in removing even deeper layers of tension. The use of tools such as acupressure wands and fine chopsticks will also be introduced which are more accurate at breaking down the more subtle tension in the micro bands of the fingers and toes.

This course is taught in Canada by Terry Masson, and is aimed at developing your strategies to give effective treatments to enable you and your clients to get the most from the massage and get great results, quicker. It will assist you to increase your assessment and treatment skills to make your treatments even more effective and transformative. As well as increasing your Raynor Massage skills even further you will also be trained on the qualities of being a good teacher and leader. We are always on the lookout for expanding Raynor Massage Internationally and this private course is for selecting prospective members for Raynor Massage Teacher Apprenticeships.
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Finding & Removing Tension
What Is Raynor Massage?
Raynor Massage is a system of bodywork developed by Australian trained Naturopath Brandon Raynor. It covers not just the muscles of the body but also the skeletal system and the subtle energy systems of the body. This style that is taught in our massage school is not performed as a routine massage, although we do have particular techniques, stretches & adjustments that we have developed. Instead, the goal of Raynor massage is to find any residual tightness or blockage in the body & get rid of it.

Whatever technique we plan to use, we must always evaluate it against this goal. “Is this move that I am doing helping to get rid of the person’s tension or not?” That is a question that should always be asked. Residual tension means tension that is in the person’s body when the body is resting, for example on a massage table. In other words if a person has muscle tightness in an area when they aren’t using that area this is what we call residual tension and our goal is to get rid of this tension.

Massage Training in Kelowna Another important concept of Raynor Massage is that the source of some of the residual tension in the body can be from emotional or stress related reasons including trauma. We believe in the well accepted Eastern medical theories that the physical body is a gross manifestation of a subtle body composed of life force and emotions and other subtle energies. We refer to this life force as Chi or Prana.

A blockage or disruption in the flow of Chi or Prana will cause an area of the physical body to become tight, blocked or forced out of position as in the case of our bones. We also believe that the body is one holistic organism and we don’t believe that dealing with one part in isolation is as effective as dealing with the whole person. So, in this way we recognize that one part of the body may be tight but that area is being held tight by another area which could then also be held tight by another area again.

We also recognize that the subtle body of emotions and the gross physical body are related and so we see that some tension may not be released in the body unless the corresponding emotion is also released. In this way we work holistically not just with our massage techniques but also with our rhythms. We encourage our clients to breathe deeply into their bellies during the treatment and to allow any emotions out that need to come out and to not hold them back.

Raynor Massage has some of its origins in Eastern forms of massage like Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage, Eastern chiropractic work, Lomi Lomi and yoga breath work. However, we have integrated and evolved these techniques to fit in with our simple philosophy of finding every bit of tension in the body and getting rid of it. We have emphasized certain extremely important parts of the body that are often neglected by traditional massage therapists, such as the abdomen, the sacrum, the hips and the feet, hands and head.

These areas tend to hold a lot of stagnation and blockage of the life force and freeing them up will generally have a great benefit not just to the areas concerned but to the whole being. Raynor Massage is generally recognized as one of the most powerful and effective alternatives to Registered Massage Therapy today. It goes well beyond the realm of what most people consider to be the confines of a regular massage treatment.

Although Raynor Massage uses knowledge gained from traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Reflexology and Hawaiian medicine amongst others we don’t let one particular philosophy dictate how we should treat. We learn their techniques but then we rely on our own senses to diagnose a situation and a client’s condition. For some people, good massage may be slightly uncomfortable if they aren’t used to it.

Then as their healing crisis finishes their body should feel a lot better, have more mobility and a general feeling of being more relaxed should ensue. The word “relax” actually means to bring back to a state of looseness. “Re” means to bring back to and “lax” means loose. So Raynor massage is actually a form of deep relaxation massage.
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