Registered Massage Therapist
Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) or Raynor Massage Specialist?
RMT Massage Therapy Course in Canada. Is it worth it?

How do I become a Registered Massage Therapist?

To become a registered massage therapist generally takes up to two years of study and can cost up to $30,000.00 or more in tuition. This can be a whopping 2200 hours worth of "pre-med" education in order to use the term Registered Massage Therapist in Canada or RMT.

We understand that there is a lot of confusion about the exact nature of massage regulation in Canada and the purpose of this article is to try and address the many questions that we often get asked.
Do I need to be a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) to legally provide massage in Canada?
The immediate answer is no you don’t.

There are many styles of massage that have been developed over time including Thai, Shiatsu, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Hot Stone and Raynor. These are just a few of the different kinds of massage that are practiced globally.

But let me address this question more fully. The RMT associations in Canada have claimed the entitlement to own the term Massage Therapist. So if you feel the need to call yourself a Massage Therapist then you do need to complete this extensive training in either a Community College or a Private Career College because that term is protected under the Healthcare Professionals Act.

There is however no legal requirement for you to call yourself a Massage Therapist and it is perfectly valid for you to offer massage under a different name. For example, at our clinic in Kelowna we refer to ourselves as Raynor Massage Specialists or just Massage Professionals and have a large client base of regular, loyal customers who really benefit form our particular form of deep tissue massage. There are many different styles of massage available and Raynor Massage is not the same as the RMT style. We are offering something alternative. Raynor Massage is a truly effective, deep tissue massage and sae massage style that looks at the body holistically. We don't treat 'problem areas' in isolation and instead will always endeavor to follow the tension to it's roots and begin to release it from there. We also make the connection to how we are feeling and how that can physically affect our bodies.

Massage a very natural healing practice that has been around for thousands of years and at Raynor Massage Canada we really don’t believe that one organization should have ownership of the term Massage Therapist. However we appreciate that the decision has been granted and it has not affected our ability to offer healing to thousands of people who have seen the real benefits of living a life with less residual tension.
No need for any previous massage qualifications
Don’t I need to have studied Anatomy and Physiology to enrol on a massage training course Canada?
Again the brief answer is no you don’t.

However, I’d also like to address this more fully. Massage has existed for as long as written records exist. We have evidence dating back to 2500 BC of massages being given. Many cultures have been practicing their particular form of massage for thousands of years.

Traditionally it has been taught, handed down through generations of family, with people watching, feeling and receiving massage.

It had never been previously taught in a classroom, with students required to study charts and memorize the names, in Latin or Greek for muscles. This is very much a new thing that some organizations that offer, long costly training courses have added into the curriculum.

At Raynor Massage Canada, we teach students how to find tension in the body, usually by touch but also by looking. This is very much a hands on process and you certainly can’t learn that by reading a book.

It’s also important to remember what the job of a massage specialist is and more importantly what it isn’t. Our sole purpose is to free people from the burden of tension whether that be physical or emotional tension. Our job is not to diagnose medical conditions. We fully believe that is always left to those who are medically trained. So keeping to this simple objective removes the need to be able to talk to our clients in medical terms, discussing anatomy in a detailed way.

The RMT massage training takes longer. Does this mean it's better?

At Raynor Massage Canada we use revolutionary techniques to teach students everything that they need and nothing that they don’t in order to become a fantastic massage specialist.

We specialize in a really deep tissue massage that gets great results and is the style of massage that the modern day consumer is searching for. Time after time we get told by clients as we are working deeply to get rid of deep rooted tension that we provide the massage they have been searching for and until now have never found.

Whether it’s better or not will always be down to the perception of the person receiving the massage.

Why Choose Raynor Massage over RMT?

Why become a Raynor Massage Specialist instead of becoming a Registered Massage Therapist? Here at Raynor we understand and appreciate the demands of personal time and finances; that’s why we’ve created a program that requires a maximum of 70 hours (10 days) at a total cost of $3,495.00. At RMT College students are faced with the prospect of 2200 hours (2 years) at approximately $40,000.00. And, whereas RMT relies heavily upon theoretical knowledge, tests and exams, Raynor’s approach is 100% practical enabling students immediate hands-on experience.

With Raynor Massage Canada you can become qualified to Certificate Level in 5 days and to Diploma Level in 10 days. This gives you an Internationally recognized qualification that allows you to get complete Liability Insurance, which then allows you to start massaging immediately. Our graduates could have gained the real experience of potentially massaging 100’s of clients over the 2 to 3 years that an RMT student is still sitting in a classroom studying.

At Raynor Massage Canada we encourage continued education but don’t require it, nor do we charge annual registration or exam fees. Although we are not a career college and do not guarantee employment; as a Raynor Massage Specialist you’ll obtain a solid skills set, possibly allowing you access to a number of exciting opportunities from practicing your trade in private clinics and spas, wellness centers, high-end resorts and lodges, sports teams, cruise ships as well as working on friends and loved ones. So, the more accurate question might be…why not become a Raynor Massage Specialist?

We believe strongly in the importance of freedom of choice and hope that this article answers your questions about the need to become a Registered Massage Therapist in Canada. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

See the chart below for a more detailed comparison

Rmt Vs Raynor
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